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if these walls could draw 
| 2009
colored pencil on paper
sheet: 8.5"h x 11"w

or and your sleep number is...  | 2009
bed frame, laser-printed text on paper & tape
78"h x 39"w

-found bed frame (Mainz, Germany) with the equaling quantity from dividing the bed frame-printed numbers 99 by 197

guide-rail grind rhein  | 2009
transport barge & guard rail on the Rhein River in Mainz, Germany
duration: 14 sec.


marks the coming of spring
  | 2009
500 self-made flags
flag:10"h x 3"w; in a 10' diameter

achtungsvogelschornstein (
attention/bird/smokestack)  |
white house paint on abandoned smokestack
bird: 24"h x 36"w

-an enlarged stencil of a bird window decal painted on an out-of-commission smokestack outside the art academy in Mainz, Germany

  | 2009
floral foam bricks
brick: 4"h x 6"w x 8"l

und/pun  | 2009
found invitation cards
card: 6"h x 9"w

-left-over invitation cards collected from the hallways at die Akademie für Bildende Künste arranged to focus on one word represented in two different positions- und/pun. the German word for pun is woerterspiel- literally 'wordplay'- while an inverted 'pun' becomes the German und- 'and.'

waiting to scare 2000 people
  | 2009
2000 white paper lunch bags in 4 metal cabinets
bag: 6"h x 4.5"w

250 balloons blown up in a corner-- 2 different ways
  | 2009
500 balloons & string
dimensions variable

floor protectors
  | 2009
100 floor protectors in elevator
floor protector: 1.5"h x 1.25" dia

-inhabiting a transitional space, these floor protectors still assume their functional position, only now without their chair counterpart.
placed in an elevator, floor protection expands into a multi-spacial event.

dark matter  | 2009
digital photographs altered in ms paint
digital: no dimensions

-digital images altered in microsoft paint of sperrmüll (bulky junk)- furniture, appliances, garbage and the like- discarded on the sidewalks of Mainz, Germany


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