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6. that there thing again 'bout nothing.mp3

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seven minutes in heaven  | 2010
7-song album recorded all by voice
7 minutes duratation

in other words is my mfa exhibition in which the performative installation of nothing really matters takes the whole of the allotted exhibition time- sixteen days from 8am- 10pm/ day- to complete (save for sleeping, eating and bathroom breaks). 

working from purposeful misunderstanding, nothing really matters is reformatted by wordplay into a directive to carry out- the word-full play of ‘nothing’ written on the entirety of 1078’s usual exhibition walls of the main and ‘the half’ galleries and on their corresponding floor surfaces— with the butt end of a black sharpie marker, in effect leaving ‘nothing’ behind. 

my aim, amongst other things, was to provide a situation where an extremely laborious act was left undocumented by my self and instead, was chronicled through experiences of my activity, of those coming in to inquire about the goings on, of those participating in its closing reception and of those who simply heard of the activity. 

in other words (mfa thesis) 
| 2010 (image above: article about nothing really matters)

an impression of braille  | 2010
pencil indentations into wall
.5"h x 1.75"w

-the word 'braille' the size of braille impressed into the wall as braille, it's text beginning on the right instead of the left, as if reading it from behind

an ongoing wall drawing constructed from a set of 24 colored pencils, where each line is to be drawn tightly adherent to the previous and with every successive grouping of 24 colored pencils applied in random sequence, installed from a determined epicenter within a specific compositional dimension (indicated by the interior blue tapes), of which all measurements are to be determined by multiple series of coin flips stemming from the specifically afforded exhibition wall space dimension of 109”h x 109”w (indicated by the exterior blue tapes).

the installation of the wall drawing stops immediately when colored pencil has come in contact with all four borders, in which case tape is to be removed, and is whole, regardless of amount completed, upon its removal at exhibition’s end.

growth rings 
| 2010
colored pencil on wall, blue painter's tape
drawing: 26"h x 24"w; within a taped-off dimension of 109"h x 109"w

nothing really matters
(installation view at Axis Gallery, Sacramento, CA)  | 2010
the word 'nothing' drawn in a comfortable size on the wall until a pack of 24 pencils were exhausted, pencil shavings on floor
drawing: 24"h x 36"w

-a proposal sent for an exhibition to Axis Gallery outlining a system of coin flips determining drawing dimensions, keeping the taped perimeter on the wall, number of pencils used and keeping pencil shavings below. install took overnight-- thank you Phil Amrhein for your assistance and a cot to sleep on.

Sibley-Ocheyedan Middle School Music hallway 
| 2010
enamel and laserjet black & white prints on wall
113"h x 840"w; 9'5"h x 70'w

-all mural elements-- color, color placement, images, image size and image placement-- determined by a comprehensive series of coin flips

1,000 times 
| 2010
pencil on wall
162"h x 2.75"w; each line: approx.  .125"h x 2.75"w

repeat: after me  | 2010
chalk on preexisting black wall
120"h x 480"w

McManus Elementary School mural
  | 2010
latex paint
13'h x 150'w

  -mural painted with the help of Teresa Cotner, CSU, Chico Art Deptarment Chair, and 30+ college students, faculty, friends & high school students

color scheme | 2010
crayon, pen and sharpie on paper 
11"h x 8.5"w

| 2010
wood, rope, work gloves and video monitor
left cleat- 36"h x 36"w x 17"d; right cleat- 42"h x 25"w x 24"d

-a video taken in Venice, Italy of a Vaparretto (boat taxi) worker docking us to the San Marco boat station. dock(not) is a mock-up of the two points of the docking situation- the cleat from the boat and the cleat from the boat station- and dressed with a particular length of rope and work gloves

| 2010
wood, acrylic panel, tickets, vinyl lettering and pencil
24"w x 36"h

-'admit one' tickets are placed in a wood dispenser with a small wood platform/container fixed below- a pencil is provided. fault line is separated into two defined actions of admitting a fault and writing that fault-- placing the fault inside the acrylic-faced container reveals the admitted fault

  | 2010
adding machine, receipt tape with pedestal and chair
90' receipt tape

-the quantity '1' is added to itself until the tape runs out, resulting in the # 2,560. all mistakes are circled in red pencil

law of nature
  | 2010
thrift store frame and pencil on paper
frame: 9"h x 12"w

a pushpin was here
  | 2010
pushpin and holes in wall
3"h x 16"w


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