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headhunted (from the facelifts series)  | 2011
newspaper ink pulled by transparent tape on paper
10"h x 8"w


headlines of communication
  | 2011
ms paint alteration, phone message (made unknowingly) & windows live movie maker 
2 minutes 58 seconds

heads up
  | 2011
100 digital prints (image of 84)
each: 4"h x 6"w

-for the month of June, pennies encountered as heads down were flipped heads up and photographed,
marking the transitional point of discarded currency and awaiting good fortune.

neon, schmeon | 2011
rope lights and electrical cords; concept for installation at the South Dakota Art Museum
approx. 7'h x 10'w


elastic slide  | 2011
clip of rubberband shot across screen  
12 seconds

rock-face seenery
  | 2011
digitally altered Google image
digital concept

  | 2011
100 digital photographs
36.75"h x 62.75"w

-a Ricola wrapper photographed on an octagonal stepping stone, with the pattern lined up to form a field of repeating stepping stones and wrappers

  | 2011
found paper pieces
digital documentation-- no dimensions

-photo taken before assembling a pile of found paper tatters on the subway platform before the train came. assembled, the card read Pass

of little significance
(detail)  | 2011
pencil on paper
11"h x 8.5"w

-all word entries from Random House's '1000 Most Important Words' written alphabetically as small as legibly possible. such an audacious claim from the book's title is made even more absurd by the size of the transcription, which is nearly illegible

| 2011
altered catalog pages with yellow tabs
12.25"h x 3.75"w

-8 preexisting yellow-tabbed artworks cut out of a Christie's Auction catalog from 8/6/2008. 59 lots in all-- each strip is arranged by order of lot

fully armed 
| 2011
weekly shopper clippings and transparent tape on paper
11"h x 8.5"w


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