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point to point navigation ( from the re-visions series)  | 2013
used book and pencil
re-visions consists of 15 completed and 5 in-progress books-- 9 are on view at Field Projects, NY, NY

re-visions begins with a simplicity of wordplay and continues through exhaustive process-based drawings and alterations within used books. I search for and select used books with titles I understand as directives to perform throughout, such as bookmarking every printed 'now' in bookmark now, or pointing to every printed 'it' with bright yellow post-it arrows in where to find it.

I do not read these books, but instead diligently scan each multiple times in order to highlight those 'nows' and 'its' mentioned above. These 'revisions' take shape as nomadic studios-- all have been worked on in the subway, some have seen other parts of the nation and one has been on a train to Italy. Each serves as a large-scale work that would otherwise take up entire walls if not comprised in a small, handable format. And they are time machines traversing the landmarks between author and inspiration, publisher, distribution, past owners, my alterations and your potential experience.

where to find it  | 2015
used book and modified adhesive arrows

bookmark now  | 2015
used book and paper strips

the book of hard things  | 2015
used book and pencil

no stone unturned  | 2015
used book and packing tape

the distance between us  | 2015
used book and pen

missing time  | 2015
used book with scraped-away text

a thousand 5571 acres  | 2014
used book and pen

after this  | 2014
used book and pen

something to say when you have nothing to say  | 2015
letterpress on binder's board in 15 parts, installed with pvc track moulding
81"h x 40"w; each: 16"h x 12.75"w

some things are beyond words  | 2015
letterpress on found papers; edition of 30
1"h x 1"w

20 half truths | 2015
letterpress on found paper; edition of 20
5"h x 7"w

fourwords  | 2015
woodblock print on paper; edition of 30
5"h x 4.25"w; opens to 36"w

the 'good' book | 2015
letterpress on found papers; edition of 30 in 2 papers
2"h x 13"w

me/we/ewe= us  | 2015
felt-tip marker on lined and coated papers
12"h x 9"w

wordsplay  | 2015
letterpress on bristol paper, 20 parts attached by double-stick adhesive and ahered to boards
6"h x 12.5"w x 1"d; opens to 252"w (21')

go/do/god/dog/good  | 2015
letterpress on fabriano eco #52 paper, 20 parts attached in 4 vertical sets of 5 with tyvek tape
80"h x 103"w

the book of ours  | 2015
letterpress on found paper; edition of 100 in 4 various found papers 
2-1/8"h x 2-3/8"w; opens to 4.75"w

the forgotten language of a haunted island  | 2015
one half-title page found on the sidewalk (Haunted Island) and the other fallen out from a used book of mine, mylar sleeve & adhesive vinyl letters
10.5"h x 5.25"w

sign of the times  | 2015
letterpress on Bristol paper;  open edition of 10 initial prints
22"h x 17"w

the end   | 2015
letterpress on machine-made japanese paper; edition of 50
4.5"h x 2.25"w; opens to 14.25"w

-the lyrics of 'This is the song that doesn't end' popularized by Sheri Lewis's 'Lamb Chop's Play-Along' printed to wrap around an accordion-style book, encouraging a reading or recitation that once begun, can go on for infinity

observational humour  | 2015
letterpress on Rives Bfk, edition of 50
11"h x 10.75"w


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