in other words is my mfa exhibition in which the performative installation of nothing really matters takes the whole of the allotted exhibition time- sixteen days from 8am- 10pm/ day- to complete (save for sleeping, eating and bathroom breaks).  working from purposeful misunderstanding, nothing really matters is reformatted by wordplay into a directive to carry out- the word-full play of ‘nothing’ written on the entirety of 1078’s usual exhibition walls of the main and ‘the half’ galleries and on their corresponding floor surfaces— with the butt end of a black sharpie marker, in effect leaving ‘nothing’ behind. 

my aim, amongst other things, was to provide a situation where an extremely laborious act was left undocumented by my self and instead, was chronicled through experiences of my activity, of those coming in to inquire about the goings on, of those participating in its closing reception and of those who simply heard of the activity.

















in other words <<

MFA Thesis Exhibition
@ 1078 Gallery Chico, CA
Nov. 16- Dec. 1, 2010

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