missionary ((in progress)) ï

like transcribing a text word for word (mechanics included), missionary does so with pixels. a 2009 painting-- 'couple (dots)'- is copied off of jeff koons's website and then systematically copied, dot for dot, in microsoft paint. the painstaking process of color copying each pixel (mimicking the way his painters also meticulously color-copy)-- ultimately 184,260 pixels total-- and then pasting them on a blank field (detail imaged below) will eventually render a mirrored copy, inverted vertically below the 'original' (the horizontal white line is the mirror point). in its formation, missionary compiles the word 'missionary' as a basic sexual act, myself as someone set out to accomplish a specific task as well as invoking a belief or trust that the incremental follow-through of copying 184,260 pixels is in fact taking place.

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