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acrimonious acronyms (sketch #3) 
| 2016
permanent marker & ink on paper
6"h x 4"w

fuuuuu... (we are so); #2 
| 2016
permanent marker on paper
10"h x 8"w

  but how can you buy or sell the sky? the land?  | 2016
found painting and magazine clipping
11.5"h x 15.5"w x .75"

-from Chief Seattle's speech believed to have been given in December 1854. 
"The President in Washington sends word that he wishes to buy our land. But how can you buy or sell the sky? the land? The idea is strange to us. If we do not own the freshness of the air and the sparkle of the water, how can you buy them? [...]"

  fuuuuu... (we are so); #1 | 2016
permanent marker on paper
15.5"h x 14"w

  and over and over and... | 2016
permanent marker on paper
10"h x 8"w

  flatline, or coma (in progress) | 2016
magazine clippings on accordion-style book
2.25"h x undetermined length

-every comma cut and pasted in order of appearance from Best of Cincinnati's 2016 magazine.
image currently shows 420 commas ( up to p. 33 of 151).

  2,450 white rabbits head-deep in snow | 2016
ink on paper
14"h x 14"w

  meditati'um' | 2016
ink on paper
14"h x 17"w

  some things are beyond words | 2016
hot-foil stamping on wooden cubes, placed within glass bowl & plastic lid; edition of 3
.75"sq dice (5 per set), bowl 4.5" dia.

  ...things remembered things... | 2016
letterpress 'blind' impression on salvaged paper; edition of 20 in 2 paper versions
2.25"h x 8"w x 2.5"d

-passage from Paul Auster's City of Glass: 'But that was the work of memory, and remembered things, 
he knew, had a tendency to subvert the things remembered.'

  endless entertaiment | 2016
letterpress on salvaged paper; edition of 30 in 3 paper versions
3"h x 13"w, rolls into 3.5" dia.

    clapbook | 2016
cut, folded and glued paper; initial edition of 30 in various papers/ colors
2.25"h x 3.125"w; opens to 9.75"w

   partial truths | 2016
hand cut-out letters from 20 half truths; edition of 10
dimensions variable

  20 half truths | 2016
letterpress on salvaged papers w/ hand cut-out letters; edition of 10
2.25"h x 3.5"w x .25"

 endless entertainment  | 2016
magazine collage on grey illustration board (edited as white background)
approx. 8" circumference

 ...things remembered things... | 2016
collage on paper
11"h x 8.5"w

-passage from Paul Auster's City of Glass 

handbook (one arm version) | 2016  
cotton-rag paper w/ hot-foil stamping
2"h x 2.5"w; opens to 21"w


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