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indivisible cities
  | 2012
typewriter on paper
14"h x 8.5"w

-all descriptions from the 55 cities of Italo Calvino's 'Invisible Cities' manually typed out over one another

 (image above: page 4 detail)  | 2012
typewriter on 18 pages
11h" x 8.5"w

-all manuscript pages from Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining' manually typed as close to the originals as possible-- typos,
formatting and all-- from screenshots taken from the movie and ordered by appearance, from left to right

the day of 'the end of days'  (from the outer limits series) | 2012
altered catalog page
9"h x 12"w

in zen they say: if something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. if still boring, try if for eight, sixteen, thirty-two, and so on. eventually one discovers that it’s not boring but very interesting. -john cage

in and so on..., john cage's quote above is expanded by directing specific attention to 'and so on.' in doing so, the numbers grow exponentially in cage's number pattern past 'thirty-two' until they reach, coincidentally, a 32-digit number- the largest full number achieved on my computer's calculator before its conversion to powers of 10 (ex=1.11111111e+10):

culminated numbered format:

culminated written format:
eighty-one nonillion, one hundred twenty-nine octillion, six hundred thirty-eight septillion, four hundred fourteen sextillion, six hundred six quintillion, six hundred eighty-one quaqdrillion, six hundred ninety-five trillion, seven hundred eighty-nine billion, five million, one hundred forty-four thousand sixty-four

and so on... is set up as a 10 page text to be read, a script to be performed and/or a reading set to one of the many dull, droning mac voices found in speech under system preferences

and so on... part 1.mp3

and so on... part 2.mp3

and so on... part 3.mp3

and so on... part 4.mp3

and so on... part 5.mp3

and so on... script.pdf and so on... script.pdf
Size : 152.355 Kb
Type : pdf

and so on...
  | 2012
.pdf text and digital recordings
no dimensions

you make me read 
| 2012
assemblage of collage, drawings and altered catalog pages
36"h x 50"w

permutations  | 2012
ink on receipt and paper
7.75"h x 8.75"w

who doesn't think of every four-letter word when riding the subway to and from work 
| 2012
ink and felt-tip marker on 26 index cards
20"h x 60"w

as many four-letter words that i could think of per each letter (1 letter/ one-way) within the time it takes to ride either the subway
from my house to work or vice versa
. *white cards: to work, cream cards: from work

white cube supplement
  | 2012
altered 'emergen-c' 30-pack carton
8"h x 12"w x 6"d

a win is a win is a win 
| 2012
found losing lotto tickets
6"h x 12"w; each: 6"h x 4"w

-each lotto card's letters are used to help the other form winning word combinations

the world's most boring square 
| 2012
24 digital prints
24"h x 24"w

-the first 24 Google results for the word 'boring', relating to the act of hole boring, printed out into a 2' wall mosaic

...taken out of... (detail)  | 2012
typewriter and collage on paper
14"h x 11"w


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